'Slideshow' soloshow / 19 march - 18 April
The archive, the collector and the photographer.

For the solo exhibition of Manor Grunewald at NO/Gallery an interpretation was made of found images from old Hasselblad booklets found in the Strand Bookstore in New York. Manor Grunewald often departs from found imagery and his collection of books and leaflets. In this particular exhibition, the booklets are showing several ‘portraits’ where each time the price tag was sticked on the head of the person portrayed. Grunewald chose single images that he repetitively used in a sequence from light to dark, this referring to the test strips that are commonly used in the darkroom to find the ‘right’ exposure to print the final photograph. Hereby, Manor Grunewald refers to the archive of the photographer as well as the technique of photography. The thematic of ‘the archive’ is also visually presented in the bench that’s placed in the centre of the space. Here the bench is presented as an archive folder where the original booklet is milled out and presented to the viewer.​​​​​​​
opening march 19th 18:00 - 20:00 No gallery - Ghent BE   www.nogallery.co

Tarot Editions groupshow + edition
march 26 - April 18th
019 Dok-Noord Ghent  BE                                                  

exhibition by Belgian art & design art fair
April 03 -  may 09

Alice Vanderschoot - Arnaud Eubelen - Arthur Dekker - Bram Vanderbeke - CASA ARGENTAURUM & Andrea Branzi - Charles Degeyter - Chevalier Masson - Comte Meuwly - Cortese Mazza - D.D. Trans - Destroyers Builders - Dries Otten - Dries Segers - Eléonore Joulin - Elke Van Kerckvoorde - Ellen Pil - Fleur De Roeck - Franje - Guillaume Van Moerkercke - Guy Vandenbranden - Hilde Borgermans - JDVIV - Johan De Wit - Jorge Manilla - Koi Persyn - Les Monseigneurs - Liliane Vertessen - Luc Deleu - Maison Eclectique - MANIERA Central Gate Series - Middernacht Alexander - Manon Clement - Manor Grunewald - Nicolas Erauw - Niels Vaes - Nitsa Meletopoulos - Orlando Gentils - Paul Gees - Pierre De Valck - Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert - Roeland Tweelinckx - Sam Scarpulla - Studio Verter - Thomas Serruys - Touche Touche - Vormen - Willem Boel - Wouter Hoste & Atelier Franssens
Vlaanderenstraat 25 Ghent BE

groupshow  April - may
Jonathan Binet / Daniel Bocato / Agata Ingarden 
/ Manor Grunewald / Jens Kothe...
Berthold Pott Gallery
Cologne DE 

soloshow + release book
Berthold Pott gallery 
Cologne DE 

Adriaan Verwée / Sybren Vanoverberghe / Manor Grunewald 
Barbé Urbain gallery 
Ghent BE 

'Lux' artist book contribution 
Aber Press - Sweden

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