soloshow PLUS ONE gallery Antwerp

A girl looking sideways at her phone
someone softly breathing
an industrious student with hiking boots.
Not unlike all of these, Manor Grunewald rides an image. He reassesses painting, titles as well as production are mechanical and serial.                                                                                                    Magic arises as in scale, overlay or s simple 90 degree rotation.
Manor Grunewald speaks of space and scenography as paper, and dips it in a soft yellow for the two sequenced exhibitions at PLUS-ONE this summer. While the first series (24.06—23.07) is made up of smaller romantic still lives, the second series (08.08—27.08) of large black and white images, play with heat-resistant foils and grids bent by error through reproduction. Printers and publications from art history and amateurs, coauthor his work. Soft, skilled hands show how-to’s and more or less exemplary fruit and vegetable tableaus here attain mysterious depths and shines of blacks. He seeks painting beyond its gesture, while dry transfer Letraset traces his practice like fingerprints. In EXTERNAL HARD DISK /WORK, IKEA’s flat minimalist designs figure in the space, holding the middle between graphic arrangement and painterly archive.
Ocular opulence, and moirés, not unlike for the girl looking sideways at her phone.
Text Céline Mathieu
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